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Scuola di Vela TAB

Now at its third year, sailing school has extended its activities’ offers to TAB members.
Our activities:
Sailing courses for all levels
Promotional starting courses
Sailing sports events
Cruises and mini cruises
Sailboats location
Cabin cruisers and mini cabin cruisers driving
Sailing school has entered into lease agreements with local that will allow members to use 11 meters and above cabin cruisers for shipping and charter services in Talamone, Civitavecchia, Ostia, Salerno and for “Tuscan Archipelago” and the Gulf of Naples cruises. We’ve also organized a “theoretical and practical course” for members only to provide the necessary preparation to face the “12 miles within boat license exam”.
Our team of instructors:
4 mini cabin cruiser instructors, 4 cabin cruiser instructors,
Starting courses instructors
Advanced courses national qualified instructors
For more information: www.tabweb.it





Argentario is a wonderful foreland surrounded by the sea and connected with the mainland by the two Giannella and Feniglia’s tombolos and by an artificial isthmus, the Orbetello’s dam. On Argentario two famous and marvelous tourist towns border the sea: Porto Santo Stefano and Porto Ercole. Originally two fishermen villages where tourism become their main resource. Argentario attracts tourists for its unique landscape, its sea environment and its exceptionally mild climate, making it an ideal holiday destination for all year long.
in the inland area of the promontory for hikers and mountain bikers there are many paths from the shores through a lush Mediterranean vegetation up to an high of 635 meters (“Punta Telegrafo” Telegraph Peak) with rarely beautiful views. For golf enthusiasts, Argentario Golf Club is a 77 hectares park with an 18-hole championship course (par 71 of 6191 meters) built in a natural amphitheater surrounded by olive trees and Mediterranean vegetation with an extraordinary landscape.
Another feature of the Argentario is its various marine environment. The two tombolos are nothing but two long sandy beaches sheltered by shady pine trees that make these areas particularly quiet, relaxing and easy access. For rocky seabed lovers, there are high cliffs and charming coves and wild and isolated beaches, hard to reach (best by boats), but lapped by crystal clear sea along all the Argentario coast. The very irregular coast offers to divers many different dive sites: walls, caves, wrecks and shoals full of sea life.
In ancient times the Argentario was also known and popular (as we can see with the Roman villa of Domizi Enobardi in Santa Liberata), and it has also kept some "historical gems" like the Spanish forts and watchtowers that defended the territory from the Saracen pirates attacks during the “Stato dei Presidi” (XIV century).
As it concerns food and wine, the regional cooking manages to combine both flavors of earth and sea. The dish par excellence is the fish stew known as “caldaro”, but we couldn’t forget to mention the excellent wine and oil, thanks to the farmers’ centuries-old job that managed with great effort to create terraced cultivation on this "rock called Argentario". Finally, we suggest you the main folkloristic event: the “Palio Marinaro  dell’Argentario” held every August 15 in the waters of Porto Santo Stefano since 1937.





Capalbio is an ancient village surrounded by the Maremma’s countryside. Inside its walls you can "breathe" the atmosphere of past centuries. Along the narrow streets, squares and old walkways you can have the feeling of stepping back in time.
At present Capalbio is a tourist destination, visited by many show business and movie stars, appreciated for its arts, nature and “tastes” of an extremely protected and safeguarded area. In the inner village of Capalbio and on the crenellated tower of the Aldobrandeschi castle (where Puccini’s piano is still well preserved) and from its walls, you can admire a landscape of extraordinary beauty. We also suggest you to visit St. Nicholas fifteenth-century church and the Oratory of Divine Providence where you can admire a fresco ascribed to Pinturicchio.
The woods surrounding Capalbio are ideal territories for hunting, very common practice here, especially the wild boar hunting. Other places to visit are the WWF natural reserve at the Burano Lake and the long beach sheltered by a thick Mediterranean vegetation. The traditional cuisine is no less in Capalbio: its wines and fowl dishes are appreciated internationally. Last but not least, don’t miss a visit to the magnificent masterpiece by the French-born artist Niki de Saint Phalle, the Tarot Garden.


Kayaking on the Fiora River


kayak sul fiume Fiora

It's hard to tell everything that a kayak trip can offer, we can only tell you that descending a river there is a fascinating world to discover, a world of stunning scenery and unique emotions ...In the river, the water  flows downstream and draws a path that unravels through rapids and calm water areas, thereby deciding the pace of the descent. With our kayaks we only need to get in tune with this magical world ...
- descents on Kayak: kayak trips on the Fiora river. It is an experience for everyone, you just need to know how to swim! Kayaks are boats very easy to steer, you just need a brief introductory lesson to be able to descend a stretch of river. Clean and not very cold waters of this river are ideal for a funny day of sport in close contact with nature. Easy rapids alternate with stretches of flat water surrounded by charming and unspoilt countryside. All runs include a brief theoretical introductory lesson about the paddling technique and river swimming technique.
For more information: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Horseback Riding



Equestrian tourism: an opportunity to discover beautiful places, full of history and culture.
Exciting experience in contact with unspoilt nature, to discover the beauty of landscapes in Maremma.
The horseman is the very image of this area, its strength and bursting vitality. A silent ride, along shady paths or following the gentle curves of a river, is the easiest and most attractive way to visit this land, immersing yourself in its colors and heady scents.
An unforgettable journey through forests and beaches, hills and plains, suspended in a different slower time.
For more information: http://www.rubenranch.it
Mobile: 349/0573081


Terme di Saturnia SPA



At the foot of the medieval village of Saturnia and surrounded by a typical park of the Maremma land you may find Saturnia spa, a lovely thermal baths resort. The “Terme di Saturnia Spa & Golf Resort” is a very high level, skillfully organized resort, able to satisfy a very demanding clientele. Immersed in the four pools (with their charming and relaxing vapor) you can enjoy the surrounding views of the nature of Maremma. An health center and a golf course 18 holes par 72 complete the offer.

An alternative to the thermal center is the Gorello Falls (or Mill Falls): free access, placed to 2 km from the village of Saturnia. The Terme di Saturnia’s spring sources from a volcanic crater (where is the resort’s main pool) and then waters slides along a natural stream (called the Gorello) for about 500 meters, where a gap forms a waterfall that flows around an ancient watermill and shapes a series of natural pools dug in the cliff. These falls are located in the open countryside but are easy to spot. On the left side of the road the vegetation opens and allows you to admire from afar the Saturnia Falls in all their beauty, even more striking, for its cloud of steam that constantly lies in this enchanted place. Diving in the warm water of the pools is a real pleasure even in the coldest months of the year, during which, however, we suggest you to keep close your robe and, just out of hot water, to cover you in a hurry. If you go there at night a torch will be useful, also remember that this is a natural place into the countryside so you won’t find dressing rooms or toilets. There’s only a free parking place.




trekking al Parco di Vulci

A three hours walking trail, adapt for everyone
You can follow the trails, without a guide, along the excavation sites of the ancient etruscan-roman city, that continues down to the Pellicone Lake. As you leave the Meeting point (Ticket Office) follow a trail that brings you up to the summit, a plateau where the Etruscan built the ancient city of Vulci. Enter into the city passing through the West Gate, walking on the basolato roads built by the Romans, arrive to the Grand Temple, nearby are remains of a brick building and an apsidal structure. Following this path you will come upon the impressive “Domus del Criptoportico”, with its underground dwellings that date back to the Roman age. The Mitreo is on the side of this site. Return back on to the roman road (decumano) at the Cardo intersection, follow signs to East Gate (Porta Est) passing the sacellum of Hercules. Exit the ancient city. Immediately outside the of the gate, observe the remains of a basin used for sacred ceremonies. The roman roads continues to descend down into the Valley Fiora, where thanks to recent excavations, the remain of an Emporium (trade center) emerge. Walls were discovered squared on the rivers bank that act as a levee, there was a bridge that crossed the Fiora River and some remains of ovens used to bake black painted ceramic vases. The trail goes along a stockade down to the bottom of the valley where it meets another trail that goes up to some steps that arrive to the summit on to a plateau. Connecting high on this point, the trail goes towards the right to the limits of the plateau, then descents on ramps of stairs that bring you to the Pellicone Lake. Return back to the meeting point (ticket office) as you pass the Punto di ristoro (Restaurant area)
 Useful Information:
Duration: 3 hours
Level of Difficulty: low
Accessibility: only partial access limited ability person
Suggestions: Trekking boots/shoes, hat, water
For more information: Vulci Park 0766.89298


Mountain biking in Maremma


mountain bike in maremma

The bike puts you in synergy with the wonder and beauty of places that the bike lets you discover, it just give you the opportunity to get to certain places along certain paths, feel certain smells.

We're talking about a bike, you say, aren’t you exaggerating? The lucky ones who has long been using these "mountain bikes" know that I am not exaggerating, those who will become after discovering this fat tires and light pedaling "special vehicle", they’ll think about it.

Clearly the answer is not complete, we’ve only described the "vehicle", we will now describe the place: the Maremma. We are talking about Maremma, to be clear that one of the sulphurous waters of Saturnia, the one of the Briganti (bandits)’s paths of Montauto and Vulci mountains, the Etruscan one in Pitigliano and Sovana, the one that overlooks the beautiful sea of Capalbio and Argentario. We are talking about nature, the colors that blend with breathtaking scenery at any time of the year, with temperatures that permit mountain biking during the entire twelve months period.


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