Mountain biking in Maremma


mountain bike in maremma

The bike puts you in synergy with the wonder and beauty of places that the bike lets you discover, it just give you the opportunity to get to certain places along certain paths, feel certain smells.

We're talking about a bike, you say, aren’t you exaggerating? The lucky ones who has long been using these "mountain bikes" know that I am not exaggerating, those who will become after discovering this fat tires and light pedaling "special vehicle", they’ll think about it.

Clearly the answer is not complete, we’ve only described the "vehicle", we will now describe the place: the Maremma. We are talking about Maremma, to be clear that one of the sulphurous waters of Saturnia, the one of the Briganti (bandits)’s paths of Montauto and Vulci mountains, the Etruscan one in Pitigliano and Sovana, the one that overlooks the beautiful sea of Capalbio and Argentario. We are talking about nature, the colors that blend with breathtaking scenery at any time of the year, with temperatures that permit mountain biking during the entire twelve months period.


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