trekking al Parco di Vulci

A three hours walking trail, adapt for everyone
You can follow the trails, without a guide, along the excavation sites of the ancient etruscan-roman city, that continues down to the Pellicone Lake. As you leave the Meeting point (Ticket Office) follow a trail that brings you up to the summit, a plateau where the Etruscan built the ancient city of Vulci. Enter into the city passing through the West Gate, walking on the basolato roads built by the Romans, arrive to the Grand Temple, nearby are remains of a brick building and an apsidal structure. Following this path you will come upon the impressive “Domus del Criptoportico”, with its underground dwellings that date back to the Roman age. The Mitreo is on the side of this site. Return back on to the roman road (decumano) at the Cardo intersection, follow signs to East Gate (Porta Est) passing the sacellum of Hercules. Exit the ancient city. Immediately outside the of the gate, observe the remains of a basin used for sacred ceremonies. The roman roads continues to descend down into the Valley Fiora, where thanks to recent excavations, the remain of an Emporium (trade center) emerge. Walls were discovered squared on the rivers bank that act as a levee, there was a bridge that crossed the Fiora River and some remains of ovens used to bake black painted ceramic vases. The trail goes along a stockade down to the bottom of the valley where it meets another trail that goes up to some steps that arrive to the summit on to a plateau. Connecting high on this point, the trail goes towards the right to the limits of the plateau, then descents on ramps of stairs that bring you to the Pellicone Lake. Return back to the meeting point (ticket office) as you pass the Punto di ristoro (Restaurant area)
 Useful Information:
Duration: 3 hours
Level of Difficulty: low
Accessibility: only partial access limited ability person
Suggestions: Trekking boots/shoes, hat, water
For more information: Vulci Park 0766.89298

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