Kayaking on the Fiora River


kayak sul fiume Fiora

It's hard to tell everything that a kayak trip can offer, we can only tell you that descending a river there is a fascinating world to discover, a world of stunning scenery and unique emotions ...In the river, the water  flows downstream and draws a path that unravels through rapids and calm water areas, thereby deciding the pace of the descent. With our kayaks we only need to get in tune with this magical world ...
- descents on Kayak: kayak trips on the Fiora river. It is an experience for everyone, you just need to know how to swim! Kayaks are boats very easy to steer, you just need a brief introductory lesson to be able to descend a stretch of river. Clean and not very cold waters of this river are ideal for a funny day of sport in close contact with nature. Easy rapids alternate with stretches of flat water surrounded by charming and unspoilt countryside. All runs include a brief theoretical introductory lesson about the paddling technique and river swimming technique.
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